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Inspiration International The Netherlands
Stimulating a culture of Enlightenment / spreading light: (Papiamento)
Inspirational website ‘Understanding Life’
by Ingrid Werleman about miscellaneous universal subjects.

Everyday Power Blog:

Articles and quotes on a variety of topics.

Founded by Speaker, Coach, Blogger & Author Jeffrey I. Moore

Highly recommended by KDRdeC (Dutch)
Author | Inspirator | musician

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Author of – among others – Spoedcursus Verlichting

Highly recommended by KDRdeC

Health & Wellbeing
Professional family and personal life coach.
New Jersey area, USA
'Let me be your partner in living the life you really want.'
Valued KyG acquaintance  (Dutch)

For massages, personal training, yoga and life coaching

The Hague, The Netherlands

Specializing in Yin Yoga and pregnancy exercise 

Fully endorsed by KDRdeC
Center for health and wellbeing, offering a wide range of therapies and massages.
Wolvega and The Hague, The Netherlands
‘Your wellbeing is key at the Hara Center’
Fully endorsed by KDRdeC (Dutch)
Practice for grief support for children, youngsters and parents.

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Kathy Beckers: Author of ‘Kind van de Toekomst’ (Child of the Future).
(True) Stories about the impact of losing a baby.
Valued KyG acquaintance

The Art of Stress Relief Music.

Radio Art combines excellent Stress Relief and Relaxing Music

with Natural Sounds for the reduction of anxiety and mental fatigue. (Dutch)
Relief of pain caused by triggerpoints & education on the prevention of triggerpoints.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fully endorsed by KDRdeC

About the occurrences on the Antilles in the 2nd World War
and the book ‘Antilleans in the 2nd World War’.
by Jos Rozenburg
Fully endorsed by KyG
Review by KDRdeC
A good read at a great price! Caribbean books and music.
The Netherlands
Fully endorsed by KyG
Encouraging reading from the former Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.
The Netherlands
Fully endorsed by KyG

Arts & Culture (Dutch)
Promoting the latest interesting concerts in The Netherlands.

Classical, jazz and world music.

KyG's preferred online promotional platform
Providing increased visibility to gems around the world:
smaller, lesser-known museums worth seeing.
Valued KDRdeC acquaintance (Dutch)
(Koorenhuis) Cultural hub, theatre, numerous multipurpose rental spaces, café.
KyG's preferred rehearsal location. Venue ARIOSO promotional video recording.
The Hague, The Netherlands
Fully endorsed by KyG

Valued business connections (Dutch)

Administration Office providing personalized professional attention.

KyG's one and only business administrator. 

Woerden, The Netherlands.

Fully endorsed by KyG (Dutch)
Directs, produces, films, assembles, designs and publishes.
ARIOSO promotional video production.
The Hague, The Netherlands.
Fully endorsed by KyG (Dutch)
Teaching artists and creative entrepreneurs how to be more successful.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Fully endorsed by KyG
Helps organizations, authors, speakers, music artists and brands to build brand awareness, (online) reputation and improve communication with key audiences.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Valued KyG acquaintance 
Talbott International Presentations helps you make interesting, powerful and useful presentations.
The Hague, The Netherlands
Fully endorsed by KyG

Great gift idea. Great new way for kids to build financial skills, learn to value money, and save up for something special.
USA (for now).
Valued KyG acquaintance



28 July 2020


Here is the second series of videos from AROUND THE WORLD ON TWO PIANOS 2019 at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam!

10 July 2020:

Pianofest video

An alternative Pianofest this year, due to the corona situation, at the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam. Very limited audience, video recording, commentary by a teacher from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

15 March 2020


Proudly presenting the first evidence of our self-organized concert series in 2019 at 

The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, featuring my husband, concert pianist Gustavo Corrales Romero as the host pianist, with 3 guest pianists.

May you be renewed!

Click here for the complete KyG message.

27 December 2019:

Composition Prize 2019
PianoFest Amsterdam!

I won the first Composition Prize awarded by PianoFest Amsterdam.

Click here for the photo report

And here for the videos
Announcement on the PianoFest website:

21-22 December 2019

PianoFest Amsterdam!

I will be participating in the competition that is part of the PianoFest Amsterdam, a festival for amateur pianists. 

First round is the 5 minute festival on 21 December 2019. Semi-finals and Finals will be held the next day.


Our exciting new production at The Concertgebouw

12 October 2019

17 November 2019

7 December 2019

7 February 2019

New video:

'Les Brisants' (The Surf), part of the Water Suite, from the performance at PianoFest Amsterdam in December 2018. 

7 February 2019

Newsletter 12 February 2019

In 3 languages, like before!

New format-New videos-Hot tips!

Celebrating a great Cuban educator:

César López Zarragoitía


22 January 2019

Winds of change at KyG after attending JT Foxx' Mega Branding Event on 21 January 2019. Highly recommended for personal and business development: His 360 Millionaire System (or any of his programs).

  • Began reviewing the audio files of the system
  • Adapted KyG description >
  • Adapted profile/pinned tweet (TW) + post (FB) 
  • Adapted KyG websites
  • Stepped up time management
  • Began thinking more result oriented

24 December 2018

KyG Wishes for 2019

and some short news...

Recent Performances

FRIDAY 7 December 2018


featuring 3 pieces from my Water Suite:

· Le Robinet (the water faucet)

· Les Brisants (the surf)

· La Fontaine (the fountain)

SUNDAY 16 December 2018


Run-up to:

SATURDAY 22 December 2018


Conservatory of Amsterdam

17 November 2018

Short KyG News including

New Promo Video

Cuban Classical and Jazz!

1 November 2018

Slowly resuming business.

Next concert by my husband Gustavo: Homage to Indonesian music.

11 November 2018 | The Hague

In Memoriam: Lidia Giel

September 2018

After the successful concerts at the Fenix Music Factory in Rotterdam (February) and the Lutheran Church in The Hague (May) we had to take a long break relating to a personal loss.

Lidia Giel 16.01.1940-14.09.2018

Working hard on our next concert 

with my husband Gustavo 

on Sunday 6 May 2018 in The Hague.

Click on image for full description & tickets:

HAPPY 2018!

Including short update.

At 'The Day of Romantic Music', 30-year old festival in the park near the Euromast in Rotterdam, on 20 August 2017:

KyG Update July 2017

The Berlin rehearsal:

ARIOSO Crowdfunding progress report

with 3 videos

KyG Touch Base March 2017

Change is in the air! 

A new communication format by KyG.

Upcoming Performances


SATURDAY 21 January 2017


SATURDAY 27 February 2017


SATURDAY 11 March 2017


2017 wishes

Upcoming Performances


FRIDAY 4 November 2016


Featuring Premiere of 

Pluviale (Water Suite No. 7)

SUNDAY 13 November 2016


Newsletter 11 September 2016

KyG company review

From Europe to Latin America: The Waltz

First KyG survey

Sarabandio review

In the spotlight: BookIsh Plaza

KyG Quick Hello August 2016
A summery update.
Planning next newsletter in September.

Upcoming performances

May - July 2016

Note: Cardia recital was cancelled

Newsletter 10 April 2016

Cuban chamber music
by Gustavo Corrales Romero

KyG Quick Hello March 2016
Because of the large gap since December. A quick update.

2016 wishes

Newsletter 9 December 2015

Plans for now and 2016
In Paraguay with Agustín Barrios 'Mangoré'
In the spotlight: ILAMS

Upcoming performances

December 2015 - March 2016

KyG at MUSICA VIVA concert in The Hague, 27 June 2015

Newsletter 8 September 2015
The second half of 2015
Back to Cuba: Ernesto Lecuona
NEW: In the Spotlight

Newsletter 7 Jul 2015
Good vibes and surprises
A trip to Mexico with Manuel Ponce
KyG Then & Now:
the challenges of building an
international artistic career

Newsletter 6 Apr 2015
Concerts, collaborations, new videos!

KyG Then & Now:
the crossing to the birthplace
of the great European composers
The Danzón - Cuba's national dance

Newsletter 5 Feb 2015

The unstoppable traveler with 

a sense of humor: Keyla Orozco

KyG Then & Now: 

Romance for the boy who 

was married to his piano 

Back to Belle Epoque soirées

January 2015

Results of participation in the Rotterdam Piano3Daagse amateur competition 2014

Jury Report (Dutch)

Yoram Ish-Hurwitz (president), Frank van de Laar, Roderigo Robles de Medina:

“Interesting compositions and played with conviction. Nice variety and articulation in characters.”

“Contrasting pieces falling nicely on the ears. Flashy rhythm in the second!”

“Nice compositions with interesting rhythms.”

‘El Sonajero’ (The Wind chime). 

2015 wishes

Newsletter 4 Nov-Dec 2014

Visiting the Argentine pampas

with Carlos Guastavino 

KyG’s continuing story: the road from the Superior Institute for Art to Aruba

New FRESCO distributors

Newsletter 3 Oct 2014

Continuing the Latin American showcase 

in Cuba: Ignacio Cervantes 

KyG Then & Now: G’s Russian adventure

Have your own living room concert

Newsletter 2  Sept 2014

Launching the Latin American music showcase with a composer from Brazil:  Ernesto Nazareth

KyG then and now:

the story as it began with G

Newsletter 1  July 2014

After the 'revamp project' 

What we've been doing

Current activities & plans

Latest concert and CD reviews

Website updated weekly

See MISC/Ideas of Empowerment/Ray of Light

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