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I am Karen D. Russel de Corrales

Writer, composer, pianist, singer, visual artist.

Managing Director of KyG Productions.

Mine is a world of music

and even in prose

would I have my words dance

Mine is a space of rhythm

in which I throb with all that is

Mine is a vista of poetry

rendering mine a heart of joy

and, spirit overcome with gratitude,

do I truly wish upon my brethren

that an ounce of beauty

lighten a pound of hurt

About this website

This website has a dual function. On the one hand, I am very grateful that I may share what I am about in this way. I must admit that for the most part during my long career in employment I eagerly looked forward to the moment that I would no longer be identified merely through the positions I held. We are not our job. Nor necessarily a parent, child or sibling. And certainly not any of the things we possess while we are here. We have come to experience all of this, and more.

What we really are is miracles alive. Each of us a masterpiece, a wondrous combination of energy and matter, if such distinction can be made. We should be jumping for joy, every day. Unfortunately, most of what reaches us and sometimes affects us is negativity, small and large scale. So this site is dedicated to positivity, light and hope. A break. A breath of fresh air. I believe it is of the utmost importance that we generate as much good as possible, to help counter the weight of negativity on our world. 

We are all at different stages in our development. Unique beings as we are, we are inspired in various ways. Therefore there is much varied material here. To whom it concerns; I hope you find something of interest, distraction, refreshment or illumination. If not, by all means move on in peace.


Prior to and in preparation of current pursuits, Karen D. Russel de Corrales was employed more than 20 years as a management assistant, mostly at an executive level (under various denominations; executive secretary, personal assistant, office coordinator, office manager), working for a wide variety of companies including the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), Royal Dutch Shell and The Hague Academic Coalition (HAC).

KDRdeCorrales began working together with husband and partner – pianist, writer, composer and visual artist Gustavo Corrales Romero – in 2000. In 2011 they officialized their activities by establishing an event management and retail business, for the purpose of in principle promoting own events and products (concerts, books, CDs and visual art based merchandise), under the name KyG Productions.

Born in Aruba, raised mainly on St. Croix, Bonaire and in The Netherlands, KDRdeCorrales considers her multiracial, multilingual and multitalented background an immense blessing and solid, fertile ground for all her aspirations.  

'I create because I have to. It is as simple as that. Ideas – most of which seem dictated and legitimate – curiously abound and don’t leave me alone until I’ve at least made a note, so I quickly learned to do so and am now able to maintain a certain measure of control and solace by the grace of the existence of my lists. I’ve spent a lot of time maturing and am very grateful to now finally be standing at the onset of an era of hopefully great prolificacy.’

You are never given a dream

without the power to make it come true.

- Richard Bach -

If you have not yet done so, it is time for you to wake up to your own unlimited potential.

May you glimpse, my beloved brethren, as I have, the rainbow dancing in your heart.

May you be enlightened.

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