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I see you:

Your blond strands, ebony skin and chestnut eyes

I see you:

Father, executive, youngster, daughter, bum and grandma

I see you in your sportswear, killer outfit and business suit

I see the wonder of you:

Skin, bones, muscles, veins and pores

I see what makes you tick:

Sense, breath, beat, pulse and flow

I see your anger and fears, your doubts, tears and pain

I see your hopes and dreams, your kindness and your love

I see you, dear brother:

Your strength, your values and your courage

I see you, beloved sister:

What you believe in, what you work for

and what you are trying to forget

I see in you

What you should see

When you look back

at me

~ Karen D. Russel de Corrales ~

With thanks to unknown image source.

I  S E E  Y O U

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